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Getting to Know Blackjack Tournaments...

A normal game of blackjack in a casino is different compared to participating in a blackjack tournament. Whilst some elements of the game remain the same, it also comes with some differences.

When you're playing against the casino you'll implement a different strategy that if you were playing in a tournament. The difference between knowing that you're playing against real people in a tournament and not the casino could be the difference between winning and losing.


Firstly, your goals in a blackjack tournament are different than they are when you're up against the casino. The winner of the blackjack tournament is the person who finishes up with the most chips. Prizes may be rewarded in cash or goods.

There are different versions of blackjack tournaments and you should always read the rules with your casino supplier before entering, but the goal always remains the same: finish with more chips than any of your opponents. Finishing the final table with the most chips is the aim.

Entering Tournaments

Each participant will have an equal number of chips at the very start of a blackjack tournament. Tournaments are usually set up with multiple levels and tables, though this depends on the casino and number of entries.

Every competitor gets to play with the same number of hands. Whilst winning each game has an importance it's not crucial - the goal at this stage is outlast the other players. So in theory you can lose chips in one round and come out a winner; if all your opponents at the table lose more than you. So beating the deal isn't necessary when playing tournament blackjack.

Chip Management

Keeping track of your opponents' chips is important. There's not one perfect strategy as you're up against opponents that will likely have different strategies.

Placing the last bet is also important. This allows you to see other players' bets giving you the opportunity to make the most optimal bet for the hand. You may want to play aggressive with large bets and passive with small bets.

Everyone's chip stack matters and other players' chip stacks and bets can help dictate when is the right time to make a play or not.

Basic Strategy

It's not advisable to enter a tournament without a basic strategy. All of the best blackjack players have strategies in one format or another. This knowledge also comes into use to interfere with the hand of the other players in a tournament.

Are They Worth The Time?

At the end of the day this really depends on you. Some love playing tournaments where the buy-in is minimal and can last a few hours. Others simply prefer going up against the casino.

Casinos may offer free entry into a blackjack tournament to attract players into their casino. Prizes vary and sometimes the potential for winning a big prize is well worth the visit. You can find these offers by going onto the websites of operators and looking at their games, such as live blackjack with Paddy Power.

Promotional tournaments can also give a few hours of quality entertainment with the possibility of winning prizes for free. Paying tournaments offer a similar experience with the chance to win big prizes and only the risk of a limited loss.

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