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Using Strategy in Multi Deck card games

Most casinos have adjusted how they will let you play Blackjack in order to try to curtail card-counting. Card-counting, for those who don't know, involves you mentally tracking what cards come out from the deck and betting higher or lower when you know what's left in the deck. It's a fairly simple tactic but one that has a devastating effect on the house edge and compelled casinos to start favouring multi-deck games in order to give the card counters a tougher time. In addition, this gives the house a greater edge and makes it even more important that you utilise proper strategy to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

The biggest difference is that certain calls that are standard strategy in single deck Blackjack need to be re-considered. For example, in single deck blackjack whether you hit or stand on 15 depends on what the dealer has but if the dealer has a 10 showing in a multi-deck game then the best bet for you is to surrender. It's a subtle difference but the odds of that ten turning into something that beats your 15 are significantly higher while the odds of you boosting that 15 to something better without going bust are lower so the most sensible call is to surrender. There's a slight difference to the optimal strategy you'd use with a single deck game around when it's best to double, split, hit or stand, all based on the different probabilities that now arise but if you get a good handle on it, the house edge shrinks down once more to something minimal. The biggest difficulty is that, as card counting is out, making sure you bet sensibly and can still turn a profit. Here it pays to use tactics usually reserved for roulette or craps in order to make sure your bets keep making you money. And if you feel like playing a hand armed with this knowledge, why not stop by and play a hand of Blackjack at Betfair?

There are fundamentally two methods for betting like this, Progressive betting is where you match your plays to how the game is going so far. That is, if you're winning you up your bet and if you lose, you down it. The major benefit to this is it'll keep your losses down and up your winnings in theory as the odds of winning or losing a game (with the 0.5% house edge) is largely up to chance. The alternative is referred to either as a regressive or the Martingale system and proposes the inverse strategy. So when you win, you keep your bets low and if you lose you double the stake until you win back what you lost. There's an obvious danger to this method as there's no guarantee you will actually make your money back but in theory, if you win to start, you'll keep a healthy pool to play with provided you win early. Neither of these approaches can really be called a strategy as much as a method to keep your losses down and your winnings up but, provided you stick with the modified strategy you use in single deck games, your odds definitely go up!

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